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By Palmer Koelb


.....I discovered Northern New Hampshire in 1959, on my first trip to Mt. Washington. The views, open spaces, and clean air were remarkable and I sensed then that this might be a good place to live. Then followed college, three years in the military and starting a business.

.....After getting tired of the traffic, restrictive laws, government meddling, excessive taxes, and too many people, I moved my tree Nursery to Salisbury New Hampshire in 1979. A few years later I again moved north to Wentworth NH. The "climate" here was a bit colder, but I was willing to accept the tradeoffs. Life is good.

.....Gradually my focus drifted into the world of Japanese Gardens and many of the trees that we now grow have been trimmed into the Japanese Garden tree style. At this time Shin-boku Nursery is largest nursery of it's kind in North America. The demand for this art is increasing and hopefully we are in the right place, at the right time. Besides, designing and building Japanese style Gardens, this is probably the most fun, enjoyment, and satisfaction I have ever had.

.....I consider the "North Country" to be that part of the New Hampshire that is north of Concord. That said, my hope is that there will be a continuing growth of vacation property development, (with no more wind turbines or electric transmission towers "blighting" our beautiful landscape). This vacation development has far more benefits than negatives for New Hampshire and anything that can be done to encourage it should be supported.

.....The wonderful people here help set a "quality of life" rarely found elsewhere. A strong work ethic, and integrity are values that I look for in both employees and neighbors. Both are here ! This is a great place to live and when the economy returns it may be the BEST place to live.

Palmer Koelb