Route 10, In North Haverhill..............Just South of the County Court House

....Horse Meadow Senior Center opened in August, 2000 to provide comprehensive community based services to older and disabled adults who live in the communities of Haverhill, No. Haverhill, Woodsville, Pike, Monroe, Piermont, Bath and Benton.

  • Home-delivered meals cooked and packaged at the center and delivered by volunteers every weekday, as well as frozen meals for weekends and holidays.
  • Congregate meals at noon every weekday at the center. The meal has offered community members a great opportunity to get together with friends and enjoy a nutritious hot meal In pleasant surroundings. The senior center has had up to 175 people come for lunch! Menus are published monthly in the center newsletter.
  • Transportation via a lift-equipped bus to medical appointments, shopping, the senior center, or other destinations.
  • Long-distance medical transportation for medical services not available within the local community. This service is provided by volunteers.

  • She provides assistance by cutting through the red tape of insurance and medical bills, Including dealing with Medicare and Medicaid.
  • She can help coordinate all the services available to help an individual within the community.
  • She provides support for caregivers, and she also is available for counseling about issues involving aging and long-term care.
  • For financial, housing and legal issues, the social worker can help solve problems and connect an individual with appropriate resources.

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