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Superintendent of Schools

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Piermont, Haverhill, Benton and Warren

a better future for our students."

SPECIAL EDUCATION - Statistics over the past five years show that the special education population in SAU #23 has fluctuated between 180 to 225 students. Under the federal law 94-142, The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or IDEA, each disabled child is entitled to a free and appropriate education. The IDEA has a preference for mainstreaming, meaning that children with disabilities are educated with children who are not disabled to the maximum extent possible. This means that children need to be included in regular classes, unless they are not successful because of the severity of their disability even with the use of aids and services. Our specialized programs allow us to accommodate the needs of most of our special education students within our schools, rather than placements outside the district. SAU #23 has a talented group of special educators and support staff who participate in regular training opportunities to keep up with current techniques to improve their skills. We are fortunate to have excellent schools and caring staff to provide outstanding programs for all of our students.

SAU #23 PRE-SCHOOL PROGRAM serves three and four year olds who live throughout the SAU #23 district. There are two sessions, one morning and one afternoon. The curriculum is rich in literacy and language activities, with a daily story time, music, and nursery rhymes. A wide range of developmentally appropriate activities enrich the children’s development in all areas. Social and group skills are promoted through play and structured group activities. The program provides a good foundation of early academic and social skills for children who are about to enter kindergarten. For further information please call 747-3363.

WOODSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL is a regional high school serving students in grades 9-12 from six school districts. The students receive high quality instruction from its 34 professional staff. Fully accredited by the New England Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges, WHS offers a wide range of college preparatory and general courses, has fully equipped science, technology, and computer science laboratories, and offers foreign languages—French. Latin, Spanish. and German. The school is also a member of the Virtual High School consortium, giving students access to hundreds of internet­delivered courses taught by high school faculty from all across the country. The school’s partnership with the Riverbend Career and Technical Center in Bradford, Vermont, allows its students to enroll in state-of-the-arts training programs in fields ranging from Emergency Medical Service to Pre-Engineering. In addition to participating in the school’s award-winning chorus and band programs, students can also participate on its competitive soccer, basketball. softball, baseball, ski, and Special Olympics teams. The school was recently recognized nationally as having a model Service Learning Program. Two thirds of WHS graduates choose to continue their education immediately after graduation. WHS graduates regularly find acceptance in the region’s best colleges and universities. The faculty maintains professional partnerships with UNH, The Foundation for Excellent Schools, and the Consortium for Excellence in Education. Individual faculty members are often recognized for excellence in their fields. Visits to the school can be arranged by calling 747-2781.

THE KING STREET SCHOOL is a day school program for students of high school age who experience behavioral disorders and have not been successful in the regular school environment. Students are accepted from schools in SAU #23, as well as those in surrounding districts within traveling distance. This program follows the Woodsville High School curriculum, with modifications and accommodations necessary to meet the student’s academic needs and behavioral intervention. The building is located only a few yards from Woodsville High School to enable students to take classes within that setting as much as possible. Students receive instruction in core subject areas and a vocational program is also offered. A positive reinforcement behavioral system, along with a structured environment allows for student success in a setting with a small teacher/student ratio.

THE FRENCH POND SCHOOL is a day school program serving the students of SAU #23 and surrounding school districts in Vermont and New Hampshire. The program is available to upper elementary and junior high school students. This program is designed to provide specialized individual instruction to students who are experiencing emotional difficulties and who, as a result of these issues, are unable to learn effectively in the regular classroom setting. Students may attend for part or all of their school day, and to the maximum extent possible, are provided with opportunities to participate in regular education classes. Students collect points during the week for positive behavioral interactions: those who earn adequate points participate in Friday field trips. Students also participate in a ski program during the winter months. For more information please call 747-3725.

HAVERHILL COOPERATIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL (HCMS) was the Winner of the New Hampshire School of Excellence Award in 1999-2000. HCMS houses grades 4-8 with a professional faculty of 36 and 12 instructional assistants. HCMS offers students a full range of academic offerings. Students have access to fully equipped science and computer laboratories, computers in the library and classrooms, Technology Education and Family Living Skills Programs, chorus, band and sports. Yearly special programs include plays such as "Fiddler on the Roof", a school-wide Science Fair or International Night. a Young Authors Program and a region-wide soccer tournament that draws as many as 900 students and fans to HCMS in the fall. Co-curricular activities such as the expanding Environmental Club, Technology Students Association. Destination Imagination Teams and a Peer Mediation Program that teaches students how to resolve problems. are some of the reasons why HCMS was selected to receive one of New Hampshire’s Excellence in Education Awards. Visits to the school can be arranged with a phone call: 787-2100.

WOODSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - School Slogan is "Pride In Our Work, Ourselves, & Our World". It is a rare occurrence when the annual budget meeting does not yield a positive voter outcome in its support for school programs. The school is proud of its commitment to literacy. This is evidenced by the uninterrupted literacy block instruction for each grade level. Special Education and Title I services are integrated into the Literacy Plan. This means that all of our children in grades K-3 will receive literacy instruction on an individual or small group basis. The entire staff consisting of 25 professional and 26 support staff is committed to student achievement. Our school is bright and clean, the Food Service Program provides a well balanced, nutritious snack and meal to keep the children alert and ready to learn. The PTA is ever present in our school supporting academic and cultural activities. The Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) program is only one of the activities that the PTA sponsors. There is an extensive senior citizen, parent, and community volunteer program as well as an acclaimed high school mentoring program that supports school and classroom activities. We are proud that our school program includes Reading Recovery Instruction, computers in every classroom, art, music, physical education, and full time positions in guidance and nursing. Our school staff is innovative, flexible, and dedicated to excellence. Please call 747-3363 to arrange a visit to our school.

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