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By Glenn English

.....The planning initiative to develop regional transit plans was mandated by the Federal Transit Administration.This mandate applies to any organization receiving grant funds for Special Needs and Individuals with Disabilities (5310), Job Access Reverse Commute (5316) or the New Freedoms Program (5317).

The federal government wants to see that regional organizations are working together to try to be more cost effective and productive while serving the largest number of people possible.

Each State was tasked to develop a method to do this planning effort. The State of New Hampshire, through its Department of Transportation, assigned this task to the six regional planning commissions in the State. The North Country Council, which is our regional planning commission, began a complete update of their Regional Transportation Plan in the Fall of 2004.The Plan includes an evaluation of all modes of transportation and the identified needs for these transportation facilities in the future. 

NCC hosted a series of meetings, including one in Haverhill, to gather information for this transit plan. After public participation and the involvement of those provider agencies involved the North Country Council prepared the following plan, ahead of the time frame set by the State.

The document will serve as a coordinating document to guide the region through the implementation of changes to the transit network in the future.   

Any specific questions about The Plan can be addressed to: Stacey Doll, North Country Council - sdoll@nccouncil.org - 444-6303 in Bethlehem.

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