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PERIODICALLY this website's web address is sent, with an enticing note, to all New Hampshire government department heads in Concord, and to every state senator and representative. (Asking them to view something NEW on the site and comment,)

WHY?? ..Because most southern New Hampshire residents do not care, nor want to know about this important part of our state !

....The articles, charts, and photographs, are chosen to display our importance; we also will try to:

Show that a flourishing economy requires a flourishing business system.

Demonstrate that profit is the mainspring of our system upon which the government and the public must depend for revenue.

Present a climate of encouragement so individuals will have the incentive to seek opportunities for successful investment of their time and money.

....When I have extra sponsor income from you, I can send to more decision-makers, and spend more time publishing solid REGIONAL information.

.....Click here to see some Now RESULTS

....The site is also designed to show how businesses made NORTHERN New Hampshire.



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