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Keep up the great work on your wonderful website. The stories are interesting and of great historic value, and the photos are beautiful.  I especially enjoyed seeing the photo of you taken in 1985.

With all best regards,



James L. B. M.D.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Lebanon, New Hampshire   03756


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Subject: ...Northern New Hampshire web site by Homer May

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Homer May, a Northern Vermont Macintosh User Group member, is the editor and publisher of an impressive web site on Northern New Hampshire. It contains a lot of history, photographs, and other information that I believe you will find interesting.  He writes from a definite point of view that I do not always agree with, but that I believe it is important for us all to understand.


Give it a look at


Hartley Jackson

NVMUG eNewsletter Editor


From:.......Robert Glasco

Subject:...Your Website



........You do a good job with the website.  I have read the Live Free ads and agree with the general theme of less government interference in our lives, and more responsibility of the individual citizen in shaping their own lives.  I think most of us in the 70 plus age generation agree with these principles, but I am not sure about the majority of the younger generations.


........The younger folks seem to be more apathetic about government at all levels and fail to see the negative effect on their future.  With all the various means of communication tools available today, which could make all citizens more aware of what is going on in our country, the younger generation seems to be preoccupied with petty personal communication about what they each are doing in their social lives and not with the things that really can make a difference, like learning about candidates for public office and voting.


........I don’t know how best to reach this generation to wake them up, but folks that run websites such as yours should be trying to figure out methods to do this and try to wake them up.


........Thanks for the opportunity to comment.





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