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By .Lauren Alberini

.....Recently, I was asked to write about "The Hope For Northern New Hampshire” for www. / a very respected website in the region. After several weeks of thought on how to approach the subject, I decided to stay close to my roots, and close to my own heart. The hope for Littleton, and in fact every small town in our great nation, is a sense of "Community".


.....What my short time with the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce (three months as I type this) has taught me is that very little can be accomplished alone. The Chamber itself would not be able to thrive without the generous support from not only business owners, but the greater community. What has amazed me about our community is when something needs to be done, citizens pull together to make it happen. From beautifying Main Street to celebrating “Gladness” to fundraising for worthwhile charities, there is no doubt that the people of the Littleton Area know how to take care of each other in times of joy and times of need, not only because of the feelings of goodwill and likemindedness that come with doing things together. It is the sense of doing things together, in the workplace and neighborhoods; in churches and civic groups that keeps us a community. The hope I have for Littleton is to always have a sense of community, for it is this sense that gets important matters dealt with, as it has in the past and as it will in the future.


.....Community is what people in our area need to continue to thrive and succeed. What we need to avoid is the feeling that “someone else will take care of it.” This attitude will prevent us from forward progress. It becomes so easy to blame someone else for our failures as a community, but it is the wish to stay out of it that will lead us down a slippery slope with little traction to turn around. Political activist Frances Moore Lappe addressed this notion, saying that community, “Is a two-way process of public officials accepting accountability and citizens taking an active role.” It is that active role that I challenge everyone to take today. If you are already involved, please stay involved, and if you aren’t get involved! There is no one else but you who can shape the world the way for the better, and a small community like ours need input from everyone to continue to grow and prosper. Should you need help finding a way to make your voice heard, please contact me at the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce and I can help direct you to an organization in need of not only your views, but the special and unique talents you possess.


.....There is no shame in depending on those around you, but making yourself just as dependable will speak volumes to your town, your state, you nation, and your world. I hope that you will be inspired to go out and find yourself in our community, as indeed it is our hope for the future.



Lauren Alberini

Recent Executive Director

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