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June 25, 2007- "The Grafton County Delegation passed the Fiscal Year 2008 budget on Monday, June 25, 2007 with a 19 ­ 3 vote. The budget for fiscal year 2008 is up 11.61% while there is an increase of 17.10% in the amount to be raised by County taxes. Included with this budget are several capital improvement projects including a new roof on the Courthouse and a new roof on the Dairy Barn. Additionally, this budget contains funds to continue the planning process for a new Correctional Facility. The Grafton County Commissioners would like to thank the Delegates who participated in the budget vote and thank all the department heads for their efforts during this process. We will keep everyone updated on the process of the Correctional Facility Project and look forward to a productive year at the County." SOURCE: Grafton County Government WEBSITE

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