The Commission meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Town Office Building.

All are invited

Click Here for Available Meeting Minutes

.....The Haverhill Conservation Commission will seek to ensure the proper utilization and protection of the natural and watershed resources of the town. It shall educate and inform the public while coordinating and conducting conservation activities for the town.

This program will help local land use boards and interested citizens understand the economic benefits of open space and the costs of residential development to New Hampshire communities.

  • Open space brings in more revenue than it requires in services. Property taxes are lower in towns with more open space per year round resident.
  • Property taxes are higher in towns with more residents, more commercial and industrial development and more taxable property.
  • Residential properties require more in services than they pay in taxes.
  • Commercial/industrial properties have lower direct cost for services than they generate in taxes, but have secondary costs.

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