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The Woodsville Academic Center

Of the White Montains Community College

By Tom Allen

Program Coordinator

747 2565 . . . e-mail at tallen@ccsnh.edu


The Woodsville Academic Center of the White Mountains Community College - Berlin, Littleton, and Conway has been providing access to post secondary education since 1992. The college is currently offering courses at the Haverhill Higher Education Center (Woodsville High School) in Woodsville, as well as at the Littleton Learning Center at 646 Union Street in Littleton, and at 53 Technology Lane in Conway. These programs offer increased access to quality post secondary education to the residents of these areas. The Woodsville and Littleton offices provide local access and assistance in college admissions procedures, academic advising and support, and financial aid information; they also provide a direct link with the college in Berlin.

Many courses, including pre-tech and general education courses, as well as some certificate and degree options, are available. Classes are held during evening hours, and it is possible to complete a number of associate degree and certificate programs through the Woodsville and Littleton center. The academic center location acts as a link with the local business community for economic development in the area. All students pay instate tuition at the White Mountains Community College Academic Centers.

I have been the Program Coordinator for the Woodsville Academic Center since August, 2001. Prior to that I was an elementary teacher in Franconia for fourteen years and in Woodsville for nine years. It has been fun to return to the Woodsville/Haverhill community in my job at White Mountains Community College’s Woodsville Academic Center. Many of my former elementary students are now students the Woodsville White Mountains Community College program.

The college plans to continue to look closely at community needs for higher education courses. The continued strong demand for trained health care field workers is one area where White Mountains Community College has been able to play a significant role. At the Woodsville Center we have provided the advising, and the courses that have made it possible for many area residents to get the training needed for careers in the health care field.

We are currently serving over one hundred students at the Woodsville Center, offering between twenty to thirty courses and workshops each semester. I am able to assist all students considering post secondary course work with career advice, financial aid applications, and information about transfer possibilities to other colleges. To learn more about what is available at The Woodsville Academic Center of White Mountains Community College, call me at 603 747 2565, or by e-mail at tallen@ccsnh.edu .

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