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Haverhill - Bath Covered Bridge Update

Work has begun on the Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge ! !

Starting the last week in January of 2007, workers from Wright Construction Company, Inc. began removing siding from the downstream side of the covered bridge so the timbers could be inspected. On February 6, Sean James, of Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, (the engineering company for the project) and Joe Poston of Wright Construction started inspection. The last inspection should take place Monday, March 12th. As the outside of the trusses have been inspected, tarps have been added for protection. All the tarps will be in place after the final inspection.

Approval by Jim Garvin, the State's architectural historian, has been given to retain the existing deck with the addition of runners. This will be a cost saving for the project.

Work on the actual restoration should, hopefully, begin in May of this year. Between now and then, the engineers will be reviewing Wright Construction's shoring plan and working with them on ordering the replacement wood for the bridge.


By Karen Griswold - Co-Chairperson

.....At long last, restoration of the Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge is about to commence ! ! ! This was the decision of the combined Selectboards of Bath and Haverhill that met on Monday, October 30, 2006. The Boards voted to accept a base bid from Wright Construction of Mount Holly, Vermont. This bid will include work on the trusses and arches to restore the bridge's structural integrity. A contract is being drawn up for the later phases of reconstruction.

.....Members of our Bridge Committee who were at the meeting breathed great sighs of happiness and relief. For more than a decade, the project has been in the works and Lee Kryger, who started this grass roots organization, will be ecstatic to learn that her dream is coming true. The Committee worked so hard to give the first $45,000 in funding that was the impetus for all that followed up until now.

.....How time passes ! ! The engineering plan for the reconstruction was approved in 2003, but it has taken until now for the funding and final bid for reconstruction to be approved.

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