.....In the early 1900's, The Boston Post newspaper presented a special cane to each of many New England towns, to be held in turn by the oldest resident of each town during his or her remaining lifetime. The recipients in the Town of Haverhill, and the year each received the cane (as near as we can determine), have been as follows:

1969 - Clara Hartwell, active in the Progressive Club; director of its chorus.

1976 - Ina Mann

1990 - Max Moulton, farmer on the "Pinnacle", Center Haverhill

1993 -Virginia Muise

2005 - Dr. James Good Brown


Above information from Katharine Blaisdell's book:

"Haverhill, New Hampshire in the Twentieth Century", pages 177-178

April 29, 2005


Dr. James Good Brown, Haverhill Corner - 103 Years

On April 29, 2005

Dr. Brown will be 104 On July 17, 2005

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