More History of Dean Memorial Airport

....In 1945, local residents Frank R. and Lizzie N. Dean donated about 104 acres of their prime farmland in North Haverhill to the Town of Haverhill with the only stipulation being that this land be developed into and maintained as an airfield named in memory of them.

....In 1946, a grass strip of 1700 feet was prepared from the southeast to the northwest and a flying club of local aviators was formed. An ordinance to protect the approaches and runway was enacted in 1947 which is still valid and up to date. Two aviators purchased an airplane and built a small hangar in 1946 which still houses the airplane and is flown some 50 years later.

.... In 1968, ten more acres were acquired from Frank R. Dean and a new paved runway, 2500 feet in length, running essentially north and south was constructed. An underground fuel tank was installed and the old grass strip was abandoned.

....In the mid 70's, an air freight company settled in at the airport and installed runway lighting. Unfortunately, the air freight company endeavor was very short lived.

....The late 80's saw a lighted windsock installed and a radio-controlled switch added to permit the runway lights to be pilot activated...a much more cost efficient for night operations.

....Runway Water Drainage system installed-1991:East side including landscape contouring; West side in 1996.

....In 1997-98 the runway was repaved, the old fuel tank removed.

.... In 2000-01 a 4,000 gallon underground fuel dispensing system was installed. Taxiway paving completed from the runway turn-off to the fuel dispensing system; also added security fence.

.... 2000-07 private individuals have built four new hangars: a five-airplane hangar, a two-airplane hangar, and two single-airplane hangars.

.... 2002 Tractor, snow removal and grass mowing equipment purchased.

.... 2006: updated Master Plan for the airport was completed.

.... 1947-present: Other types of recreation enjoyed at the Airport include: kite flying, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, picnics, air shows, glider flying, powered parachute flying, ultralight aircraft flying and sometimes just watching and dreaming !!

.... 2006-08, Pilot Lounge roof replacement accomplished.

.... The current airport usage income consists hangar leases, aircraft tie-down fees and fuel dispensing, and rent from the farmhouse, garage and town owned hangars. While taxes from the private hangars reduce the taxes or all Haverhill property owners, the Airport does NOT receive the revenue credit.

.... Approximately 4,000 takeoffs and landings are made each year with 12 general aviation aircraft based at the Airport.

.... Each year an Airport Awareness day is held which has many local area families attend and an EAA Young Eagles Rally is held. Also pilots based at the airport fly youngsters to become a Young Eagle throughout the yearÉTo date over 700 youngsters have become Young Eagles at the airport.

.... A Dean Memorial Aviation Scholarship Fund was established in 2000 for youngsters graduating from high schools in the local area to further their education in an aviation related fieldsÉand there are over 300. An anonymous donor has provided over $25,000 of the over $44,000 in the Scholarship Fund.

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